A project by and for the readers

The Renegades webcomic is funded solely by its sponsors around the world. Each sponsor contributes a little money in each chapter that is published and is credited at the end of that episode.
It is a formula of direct collaboration between authors and readers that can give many satisfactions to both sides besides being more immediate than the traditional means of publication.

Support the continuity of Renegades becoming a sponsor from € 1 per chapter.

We also accept donations via Paypal.

If you want to have a good time, welcome

All the contents of this web have been specially created for this new stage of the comic and are free for everybody who wants to have a good time with us. Everything is freely accessible and there is not and will not have to pay anything to enjoy the comic or the web.

We deeply thank the economic collaborations that allow us to continue paying the costs of this creative madness, but there will never be anything in this web that you are left wanting to see or some part of information about the characters or the history to which you will not have access because you're not paying for it. There will be no content of payment in this webcomic and only sponsors who collaborate with any contribution associated with any special content will have something "different" or "specially created" for them, but that will not influence the story that everyone can simply enjoy arriving at this web.

Renegades is for everyone

Commercial use, translations, fan-arts, prints, films, videogames, distributions and re-publications are encouraged. We are very, very reasonable in our expectations about it. Let's talk about your ideas and let's expand the Renegades universe together. We're open to help you as much as we can. We are grateful that you could help us spread the word about Renegades.

Sci-fi for all or at least we tried. But...

Renegades is an action webcomic with lots of humor. We try to make it suitable for everyone and therefore we do not recreate scenes of violence or sexual content. But given the theme, the tone of the story or some intricacies of the script, may not be a suitable reading for the youngest readers.

Testing new paths and formulas

Internet has opened new paths for artists from different media and with initiatives like this we intend to explore new ways of relationship between authors and the potential audience of their works. A more direct relationship that can benefit both parties equally. The end reader / consumer because they have a much closer relationship with the authors and a more affordable price per comic book page. And the authors because they receive a more direct benefit and with fewer intermediaries. More direct support.

That this type of initiatives thrive depends on many factors but one of them is the participation of the people, so, simply by having come here and reading this, thank you very much.

This can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship :-)